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Sliding Timber and Aluminium Doors

There’s nothing like the look, feel, and atmosphere that bespoke sliding doors can provide, and we’ve got a set that will be just perfect for you. At All Doors, our range of timber and aluminium sliding doors in Melbourne will have something for everyone, offering the convenience and comfort that comes with a door of this type. Coming in an unlimited range of styles, finishes, and glass treatments, the sliding doors that we can provide will turn heads at every occasion.

Stylish and reliable sliding doors for your home

Our sliding doors are built with style and reliability in mind, knowing that they’ll be frequently used during the warmer summer seasons. Built for toughness, without compromising on their great looks, our sliding doors will be a winner for anyone lucky enough to have the space.

  • Custom made to fit the precise width and height of the door frame.
  • Built from the highest quality timbers and aluminium materials available.
  • Long lasting, reliable, and durable under extreme duress.
  • Unlimited range of colours and styles, both modern and traditional.
  • Made from the very best in maneuverable parts and components.

We conduct all of the manufacturing of our sliding doors at our factory showroom in Melbourne, allowing us to take control over the full process. We’ll be able to show you around to have a look at the other types of doors that we can provide for you.

Professional installation at an affordable price

Our experienced technicians have been installing sliding doors and other varieties for over twenty years, and have tools and know-how to get things done quickly and effectively. Best of all, you’ll also be able to get your new set of sliding doors for a fantastically low price, on top of having a great quality product that you can be proud of.