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Concertina and Room Divider Doors

Room dividers and concertina doors are a simple way to create intimacy and privacy, or simply to create an off-the-cuff space for gatherings with friends and family. The range of concertina doors and room dividers on offer at All Doors caters for any occasion that you can think of that would call for a room divider. Coming in a wide variety of different styles, chances are that there’s a concertina or room divider out there that’s just right for you.

Incredibly large range of different designs and styles

Concertina doors have come a long way from their stock standard vertical design. There is a huge variety of designs that we can offer you for your new concertina doors or room dividers, each of which will perfectly suit any type of home interior design.

  • Unlimited number of colours and styles to choose from.
  • Made from the very best quality of materials.
  • Easy to fold and slide across.
  • A reliable and long lasting product.
  • Great for larger homes or for those looking to create a distinctive space

Room dividers are very distinctive, and come in an even bigger range of differing sizes to suit many different dimensions of interior space. We’ll be able to create a room divider that will be perfect for any particular requirements that you may need.

Easy installation of concertina doors

We’ve been installing concertina doors all over Melbourne for the last twenty years, and our experience makes us best placed to get them fitted in perfectly. Best of all, we’ve kept our prices low across the board of our range of concertina doors and room dividers, allowing you to get your hands on a great finish to your interior without breaking the bank.